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Beware, How You Look Speak Volumes To Improve Your Health

Because the equation goes– Visual Appearance = A healthy body! So great health defines a really attractive and youthful appearance, that exudes beauty and personality. Trust me, how you look speak volumes to improve your health. Would you like to possess flaws and blemishes like lines and wrinkles, pigmentation or acne? Or hair thinning, bulges of cellulite, unsightly fingernails and skin rashes, signaling underlying health problems?

Lurking below your surface of the skin, are these tell-tale signs:-

Hair thinning – Yikes! What’s that glob of hair stuck to my hairbrush? Thinning hair might be a manifestation of a hyper thyroid or hypo-thyroid hormone. Look at your thyroid hormone having a bloodstream test.

Wrinkles may possibly be indications of brittle bones. Could they be rattling your bones? Research reveals that furrows along with a grooved-mouth are connected with bone health. Are you aware the worse the wrinkling, the higher its chance of less bone strength and density? Predisposing for this process, is excessive sun exposure and tobacco smoke.

Yellow eye discolouration – Your vision would be the home windows for your health. In case your conjunctivas are yellow, exactly what do they signal? Hepatitis or Liver cirrhosis!

Facial flush – Searching red hard is not related to embarrassment, facial redness with skin sores are signs and symptoms of Rosacea–a chronic skin ailment.

Have you ever heard of the butterfly rash? It may stretch across both cheekbones inside a form of a butterfly, getting a look and feel of sunburn. This can be a classic manifestation of lupus erythematosus, a car-immune inflammatory disease–affecting your skin, joints, bloodstream and tissues.

Cracked lips are closely related to allergy, medication or infection. However, cracking in the corners from the mouth may be an defense mechanisms disorder causing dry eyes, xerostomia, dried-out skin and joints discomfort.


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