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Highlights On Design Thinking

Design thinking is a form of work trying to solve the problems that the end-user can be found in various types of products and services in various seo services thailand.

This definition is much more precise than if we translate it directly from English and only extract “design thinking”, which also does not give much information about what it means.

This work methodology has its origin at Stanford University in California and, although it was mainly applied to product development, over the years, it has been adapting to different situations.

Today it is a powerful innovation tool through which processes, products and business models focused on a better user experience arise.

What Is Design Thinking For

Design thinking has a distinct objective and consists of solving problems after carrying out an exhaustive analysis of the subject matter.

Let’s say that now it’s not so important how good something is, but how good it makes the end user feel that something.

This methodology, although not new, is currently gaining a lot of strength; experience has shown us that even when a product or service satisfies the customer, it ends up selling itself and for that reason more and more companies have a unique design thinking department.

These people, whom we know as design thinkers, study in-depth processes and products to innovate in their development and offer a better user experience, which will result in higher business opportunities.

Phases Of Design Thinking

Far from being an abstract concept in which you try to solve a problem through brainstorming, it is a proven methodology with very defined stages.

These stages or steps follow an established order, and when the endpoint arrives, the need to return to one of the specific stages to resume the process will depend on the feedback that the user gives us.

The phases of a design thinking process are five:

  1. Empathize
  2. Define the problem.
  3. Devise the solutions.
  4. Create a prototype.
  5. Evaluation and testing of the prototype.


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