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2011 Marketing within the Convenience Store Sector

Yes, like a number of other domains within the retail space, supermarkets may have choppy seas this year. That doesn’t mean everything is going to be dire, but we ought to see greater oil barrel prices that will transfer to greater per gallon price of gasoline in the pump. It’s a known proven fact that when consumers have less dollars within their pocket to purchase fuel, they’re also less inclined to enter into the shop and purchase extra goodies or impulse products, that are of greater potential profit compared to markup on the gallon of gasoline.

Also, since you will see less customers it will likely be harder to obtain people in to the convenience store, so we have an unemployment problem meaning you will find less people likely to work and therefore buying fuel less frequently. It’s because of this that whenever marketing your convenience store this year you should try different approaches which aren’t always standard industry operating procedure.

For example you should try some traditional marketing strategies and Grass Roots marketing. Such things as banners, balloons, and canvassing make sure and safe bets. Plus they don’t cost just as much. Possibly you may have your loved ones go and canvass local neighborhoods, or employ a local senior high school team as a means they are able to earn money for uniforms. Sponsoring a carwash at the facility for any nonprofit group may be a different way to generate more business and show you’re a community player.

Another factor that is effective would be to put bulletins within the newspaper, or insert flyers for specials on 2 L bottles of soda, carwash, oil change, car windows wiper blades, or any other products can be bought or purchase inexpensively which have decent markups. This is a great time to check out co-branding promotions and possibilities along with other local companies that operate possibly within the automotive space which have complementary services, try not to contend with yours.


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