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Finer Methods for the Smarter French Bulldog Options

A French bulldog needs a varied diet. They get fed up quickly if they are constantly fed the same food and would much rather feast on what you put on your plate. The more you indulge in it, the less he likes dog food! So think carefully about the food you give your French bulldog. Consult your vet if you suspect your dog has a food allergy. Food allergies are not uncommon in French bulldogs and that manifests itself in skin and intestinal problems. The Frenchie bulldog also often suffers from flatulence. A healthy French bulldog should not be overweight to have. Carrying too much weight can affect your French bulldog’s skeleton and cause it to live less.

Grooming the coat

A daily brushing with a rubber brush can significantly reduce the abundance of small hairs on the floor and in the sofa. With a cloth you give the coat some shine again. The folds in his face should be covered with cream to avoid stains. The ears are also sensitive to dust and dirt and should be cleaned regularly, just like the area just below the tail. The French bulldog does not have a double coat and therefore has less diamond than some other breeds.

Diseases and conditions in French bulldogs

Due to the extreme appearance, the French Bulldog has many health problems. Due to the large head of the puppies, birth problems often occur. Usually they cannot give birth naturally and a cesarean section is necessary. Due to their short back, the breed is prone to back problems such as a hernia. The flat snout can also cause breathing and eye problems. The dogs suffer from shortness of breath and cannot close their eyes. The wrinkles on their short snouts are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Other common conditions in the French bulldog are:

  • Allergies (atopy and food allergies)
  • Eye problems (such as cherry eye and glaucoma)
  • Orthopedic conditions such as hip dysplasia and patellar luxation (a loose kneecap)

The different colors of the French bulldog

The colors in which the Frenchie dog occurs are brindle, fur and fawn. Brindle is a coat color with a kind of ‘brindle’ motif, fawn is the name for all brown tones from red to coffee with milk. Other colors, such as the ‘blue’ variant that is popping up here and there, are officially not allowed and often have serious health problems.

How do you choose a French bulldog puppy?

Choosing the ideal dog from all those French bulldog puppies is no easy task. It is very difficult to find a healthy dog ​​within this breed, although fortunately there are more and more breeders who put health first and consciously breed French bulldogs with a longer skull. So look carefully for a breeder who wants the best for his dogs and gives health priority over appearance!


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