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pepper masks for hair

Many owners of thick long hair in the arsenal have a lot of natural remedies. One of them is a pepper, and in cosmetology different types and varieties of this plant are used. How to use stimulating masks with pepper for hair growth? What are the rules for its use? Let’s figure it out.

Owners of brittle, weak, thinning and fatty strands should pay attention to products with pepper. It is able to eliminate dandruff, improve the scalp health. In addition, it significantly accelerates hair growth, awakening new follicles, increases their density.

For all its naturalness, pepper is a rather aggressive component for treating hair in Manhattan Barbershop, so it’s not suitable for everyone. Such procedures are not recommended for people with a tendency to severe headaches, a sharp increase in pressure. And also for people who have a sensitive scalp, individual intolerance to pepper or alcohol-containing products.

Too dry locks and scalp are also an obstacle to the use of pepper care products. In this case, use herbs or honey masks for hair growth.

Before using any masks with pepper, a check for a negative reaction is mandatory. Apply a small amount of product near the ear. Then check the reaction.

Red pepper mask.It causes accelerated hair growth, counteracts dandruff, has many positive reviews

You will need:

– liquid honey – 4 tbsp.;

– ground red pepper — 1 tbsp..

Preparation: Combine the components, mix, apply to the roots, wrap, stand from half an hour to 50 minutes.

A mask with mustard and pepper. For greasy strands, their growth, density, normalization of the greasy glands of the scalp.

You will need:

– oil (olive, castor, burdock, linseed, pink) – 2 tbsp.;

– hot water – 2 tbsp.;

– hot pepper tincture – 1 tbsp.;

– mustard powder – 1 tbsp.;

– egg yolk.

Preparatin: Mix the oil and hot water, add the remaining ingredients, mix to uniformity. The strands should be thoroughly combed. Apply it carefully to the skin. Wash in half an hour with a suitable shampoo.

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