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Are You Planning to Stay In South Dakota?

While thinking of South Dakota, you may often think about Mount Rushmore or the Black Hills. South Dakota is known for tourism, due to its unspoiled landscape, lower living cost, and not-too-crowded cities. It offers an inspiring, spacious, and also adventurous lifestyle for any person who is captured by the magic of South Dakota.

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Few things to know about South Dakota

The following are a few highlights of South Dakota that you should know before you plan to move over there.

  • South Dakota was included in the USA  in 1803 as a part of the purchase of Louisiana.
  • In 1874, General George Armstrong made a military expedition in the Black Hills to confirm the availability of gold.
  • South Dakota’s topmost industry is agriculture and generating 33% of the overall economic activities of the state.
  • The members of AIM (American Indian Movement) occupied South Dakota on 27th February 1973, in protest over the corruption.
  • Badlands National Park is covering 244,000 acres, which is the richest fossil bed in the world.

Pros and Cons of South Dakota


1. Lower cost of living

South Dakota ranks the #5 spot among the cheapest states.

2. Spacious surroundings

The size of the state is  77,000+ square miles, hence more space for living and less light/noise pollution.

3. No income tax

The sales tax is just 4.5%, which is enough to be among the thirteenth lowest in the USA.

4. Small town vibe

The state feels almost like your old friend, offers comfort, community, and friendliness.

5. Unspoiled natural environment

The Missouri River has split from the Black Hills, where the scenery is wild and wondrous.

6. Job opportunities

South Dakota ranks the ninth position for finance opportunities, special trades, nursing, mechanics, and more.

7. Booming business

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, South Dakota offers an excellent opportunity due to lower taxes and many other perks.


1. Extreme seasons

If you are planning to move here, then be prepared for high-temperature changes.

2. Lower median salaries

Though the cost of living is pretty low, South Dakota ranks 30th position on household incomes.

3. Unpredictable weather

The temperature in South Dakota can change abruptly every day even after every hour too.

4. Sparse population

You will love South Dakota if you are moving here because of its spaciousness, but remember this state is sparsely populated too, and there is a large distance from one town to another town.

6. Small town vibe

Having a strong community sense, every people will know about everyone’s business, whether good or bad.

7. Weird statutes

There are some wacky laws e.g. you can always be arrested if you lie down and take a nap while in any cheese factory. Again, horses should wear pants while they enter the Fountain Inn.


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