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This Is How You Can Unlock Your Smartphone Again

To unlock your smartphone after forgetting your Android unlock pattern, you need a Google account. This is a prerequisite for being able to reactivate your device for use. First, open the browser of your laptop or tablet, switch to Google and log in with your access data. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and then on “Google Account.” In the menu that appears, scroll down until you see the option “Find smartphone.” Select the option, then under “Select smartphone or tablet,” a list of your used devices is shown.

Click on the smartphone whose lock code you have forgotten and confirm your access data again in the next step. You can then select a new PIN for your device under the “Lock smartphone” option. The prerequisite for this is that there is a SIM card in your phone or that your device is connected to the Internet via the cellular network. Once you do, you can use the new PIN to unlock your device.

If you do not have a Google account or have forgotten your access data, you still have another option for how to get back to your device: a reset. That means that you reset your smartphone back to the factory settings. The advantage of this method is that you can unlock your phone again. The disadvantage is that all data on it will be lost if it is not stored on your Google Account or accessible to you. The reset only works in the so-called “Android Safe Mode.” In this, you start your mobile phone without the apps installed on it.

Depending on the device, you can get into safe mode in different ways. To do this, on Google devices, you have to hold down the power button and then press and hold “Switch off”. Some devices must first be switched off, and meanwhile, hold down the power button logo appears. Then press and hold the volume down button. You can easily read on the Internet how you can get your device into “Safe Mode.” Once you are in safe mode, select the option “Wipe data/factory reset”. Your device will then be reset, and your previous unlock pattern will be deleted. This way, you can use your smartphone again after forgetting your Android unlock pattern. This can also be used in how to unlock LG stylo 5


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